A new year. A Fresh start.



Mood: A little sad but determined to stay happy.

Location: Winter Moon

It’s been a while eh? With the new year comes some changes! Some good changes and some disappointing ones. But I dont want to focus on the bad. Here’s the good stuff: I’ve opened my own store! Just a small one made with my own textures, still working on making my own mesh. I’ll slowly post pictures about the items there. I also went on a major shopping spree at all the events and bought tons of winter stuff. So here ya go friends!

WinterWonderland FaceWinterWonderland Bottom

TOP: ::[u.f.o]:: huggable sweater – Seasons Story and Winter Romance

PANTS: .::LE FORME::. Unbutonned Skinny Jeans White – with appliers

SHOES: (Fashionably Dead) Baggy Boots – Brown

HAIR: U.F.O.SweaterHair_Bento (wear) – Seasons Story and Winter Romance

NECKLACE: Soothe. Stone bijou necklace (onyx)

MUFFS: Izzie’s – Mesh Earmuffs

MAKEUP: C h a r y . – Wind Burn Makeups – CLOSING SOON

EYELINER:  [Neurotik] Double Cat liner -COMING SOON

For an updated list of my normal every day attachments, please see my “What I Wear’ on the right side tool bar.


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