Yes i’m obsessed with Asian things


Good Sunday Morning to everyone ❤

I took a few days break and now im back! I absolutely LOVE this hair by MOON! It reminds me of how I see girls in Asian dramas during the winter and they wear their scarfs over their hair. For those of you who don’t know I absolutely love most things Asian: korean music, korean dramas, japanese dramas, anime, cherry blossoms, etc etc. I once had a blog that did outfits based on kpop music videos XD That’s why you tend to see korean videos at the end of my posts. Check em out and you’ll be obsessed!


Here are the goodies:

TOP: B.C.C if you love me cardigan  @ Seasons Story and Winter Romance

PANTS: *COCO*_ColoredSkinnyJeans_Black


HAIR: MOON // Hair // – The Chills  @ Seasons Story and Winter Romance

Word of the day: 雪 (Yuki) = japanese for snow


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