All I need is you

All I need is you

Mood: Feeling loved ❤

ITEMS FROM: The Dressing Room Fusion + No21 + Uber

I have recently been feeling depressed but still very fortunate to have certain people (and pets!) in my life. To boost my mood I did a little (Ok, A LOT! Shush) shopping. So here are all of the new goodies from a lot of the different events going on currently. I am absolutely in LOVE with this outfit and feel super cool LOL


TOP: Foxes – Boyfriend Shirt – Leather – Check Red    –    No21

PANTS: Foxes – Skinny Jeans – Grunge    –    No21

SHOES: Eudora 3D Liana Pumps Blacks   –   Uber

HAIR: little bones. Eros Taken   –   Uber

NECKLACE: =Zenith=Earth Stone & Wood Nacklace   –   Uber

EYELINER: < nova > Sagan.   –   The Dressing Room Fusion

EYEBAGS: < nova > The Eyebagsc   –   The Dressing Room Fusion


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