I hope you meet someone as trashy as you…

I hope you meet someone as trashy as you...


Mood: Fiesty

Hello friends etc.

I’ve gone from the sad phase to the fiesty, want to get pissed off stage. Cat still sick. People pissing me off. YAY. Here are some of the goodies I found at the Fashion Fair 2015. SPIRIT practically murdered my sl wallet this time, I LOVE these pants! And feeling super happy with everything about this outfit. Kinda hipster / I can kick your ass but still look hot kind of way.

I laugh like this

Here are the goodies:

Shirt: *_M.birdie Story_*T Layered MTM – FASHION FAIR 2015!

Pants: SPIRIT – Terty skinny jeans – FASHION FAIR 2015!

Shoes: *Reign.- Asphyxia heels- Onyx – Slink Mid feet!

Hair + Hat: Beusy: Grimes – FASHION FAIR 2015!

Glasses: DAZED. – Rowdy Glasses Raven – FASHION FAIR 2015!

Lipstick: < nova > Quinn – FASHION FAIR 2015!

Eyebags: < nova > The Eyebags

Please take some time to watch this MV (eng subbed)! This chick is crazy in it but I feel like us women go through this at least once in our lifetime.


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