If you don’t succeed, get your lucky friend to try…

021615 Full

Creepy Kawaii + Thrift Shop + No21

Mood: Unlucky

Hello lovelies,

Gonna keep this short and sweet. Got some cute stuff from Creepy Kawaii and Thrift Shop along with some awesome tats I’ve been meaning to blog from No21! Enjoy!

TOP: :FY: Stained Cropped Tee   –   Thrift Shop

SHORTS: :FY: Shorties  –   Thrift Shop

WAIST SHIRT: [BODY FACTORY] Vagabond Waist Shirt  –   Thrift Shop

SHOES: {VINCUE} ~ Klunny+Boots   –   Creepy Kawaii

HAIR: MOON // Hair // The Eye   –   Creepy Kawaii

TAT: .Reckless. – Consciousness   –   No21

FACE TAT: – Chary – Gift Paints

DECO: +Half-Deer+ Tiny Teacup Giraffe   –   Creepy Kawaii (Gacha)


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