Nothing better than a boyfriends sweater!

021715 Full

Kustom9 + Fashion Fair 2015 + Cosmetic Fair

Mood: Frustrated

Hello lovelies,

Today I bring you items from the amazing Kustom9 session! When looking for these items you may find that my shirt is meant for men *cough* all well >:P You know me, anything asian! 😡 I like to think of it as my hubby’s sweater that I borrowed.

TOP: Wonton: Vintage Jersey Sweatshirt / Blak   –   Kustom9

PANTS: SPIRIT – November jeans   –   Fashion Fair 2015

SHOES: Bleich – Mesh Geo – Nude   –   Kustom9

HAIR: Blues. Dakota   –   Kustom9

BAG: 2PM. NINI clutch   –   Kustom9 (GACHA)

MAKEUP: Clemmm /// Filthy love 1   –   Cosmetic Fair


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