Could end in burning flames or paradise


Shiny ShabbySL Fashion Week

Hello lovelies,

I’m running a bit behind with posts because i’ve been trying to blog everything I love at events but alas, I just can’t keep up. So there may be some changes coming and I may just focus on 1 post per event. This time of the month just gets so busy! Anyway, I hope you enjoy this post. It’s set at a friends of a friends land with some cute farm-type deco! Enjoy 😀


TOP: *_M.birdie Story_*street boho look   –   Shiny Shabby

BOTTOM: Bueno – Skinny Jeans Sky   –   Shiny Shabby

SHOES: REIGN.– Bohemian Energy Wedges- White

SKIN: ..:: AYA ::.. Ada – Angel Food – FatPack

BROW: [Buzz] Natural Eyebrow – Blondes

HAIR: MINA – Jacky   –   Shiny Shabby

TAT: .Things.- Apacheta Tattoo   –   SL Fashion Week

BAG: *_M.birdie Story_*street boho look   –   Shiny Shabby

RINGS: REIGN.– BOHO RINGS- Blush Stone Set   –   Luck of the Irish GACHA

PET: – Weon – Adorable.Lion.Cubs   –   Shiny Shabby


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