As the days go on…I wonder…will this ever end?



Hello lovelies,

I am bringing you some cute items from the recent Uber event that just opened! I hope you like it! I had a lot of frustration putting this together due to the lighting settings I wanted for it. Plus the shoes to fit under these bell bottom jeans was hard to find so in the end I just said fxxk it, going shoeless!


TOP: Foxes – Throw Back and Tied   –   Uber

BOTTOM: Foxes-Throw Back – Jeans   –   Uber

SHOES: REIGNxFLITE– Classics- Galaxy   –   Uber

SKIN: ..:: AYA ::.. Ada – Glazed Pears 07

HAIR: Moon. Hair // – Ombres – Kinderfeld   –   Uber

BROW: [Buzz] Natural Eyebrow – Warm Browns

NECK: ANE String Adro   –   Uber

DECO: junk. festival pendant lights.   –   Uber


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