Green Arrow? Pfft I’m your Neighborhood Mint Arrow!


Hello fellow citizens!

Anyone else as fascinated with a bow and arrow as I am? I Have always secretly (not-so-secretly) admired super heroes who use a bow and arrow. Oliver Queen anyone? Hawkeye for sure? Or…Darryl? haha Check out this awesome quiver set from AITUI found starting tomorrow at GEN-neutral! I also LOVE this hair found at Hairology from a store i’ve not heard of before but will be sure to keep an eye on called Pink Hustler. And of course had to include two new items in MINT colors from ISON and CandyDoll! Check em out below!

SHIRT: ISON – wool side cut sweater @ Collabor88

PANTS: Blueberry – Luna – Rolled Cuff Jeans

SHOES: _CandyDoll_ Sabatiny Mint

HAIR: *PINK HUSTLER hair* @ Hairology

QUIVER: AITUI – Archer’s Bag / Quiver @ GEN-Neutral


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