Disney Princess Moonie


Hello lovelies!

Today I bring you a cute outfit I put together from several different events. I love this outfit so much that i’ve been wearing it for several days to the point that my daughter has told me I stink XD As you all know I love anything asian influenced so this kimono top from Petite Mort (new store for me!) is perfect! It pairs well with the shorts from dami found at Shiny Shabby that just opened. Fair warning about dami, if you are a thicker girl they won’t fit unless you slim down. At my current size my leg still stuck out in places unfortunately.

I was inspired for this decor set by the futon set from Kalopsia. It’s a twist on the normal couch/beds that we see a lot in that you can switch from being a bed to a couch! It’s great for teens / girly kids! I also discovered that i’m apparently a disney princess because not only does my dad call me Mulan but LOOK AT ALL THESE CUTE ANIMALS! Malo and Dalf-Deer fed my inner disney princess for this blog!

Check out the rest of the credits below!



SKIN: L’Etre Skin Shop – Sarah Skin [Pearl Tone] @ Tres Chic

FRECKLES: DeeTaleZ “Freckles” for CATWA head

BROWS: DeeTaleZ “Brows” for CATWA head

EYES: [Buzzeri] Zodiac Eyes – Siren @ N21

HAIR: [Atomic] Hair // Chilly @ N21

TOP: Petite Mort– Red kimono jacket @ Tres Chic

BOTTOM: dami,belt high weist shorts @ Shiny Shabby

SHOES: fri.day – Sarah.Janes (Tiffany) + Socks @ Shiny Shabby

NECKLACE: ieQED branch.set. @ Shiny Shabby

FLOWER: *LODE* Accessory – Blossoms [single peony] @ Shiny Shabby

@Tres Chic
{Petite Maison} Lalique: Teal door grouping

Kalopsia – Effie’s Futon | Photos Light | Rug

@Lost & Found
+Half-Deer+ Quiet Deer Fawn | Sleeping Deer Fawn
Kalopsia – Beatrix Bird Houses
unkindness – Gypsy Blue Set w/ Quilt Set

@Shiny Shabby
[MALO] Big Rabbit Stand | Belly | Anniversary Gift Candy Jars


If you surround yourself with negativity…then this isn’t the place for you…


Hello lovelies,

I’m going to start off with a warning: this will be a rant. So if that isn’t something you want to read I suggest you scroll on down to the good stuff below where I tell you what all these awesome items are and where to get them. For those few brave souls who decide to take this journey with me, thank you.

Note: This post is Rated R for use of foul language and life changing ideas.

I am usually not the type of person to do this in all honesty. I avoid conflict like the plague to the point that I often find myself with a lot of pent up frustration towards a person. Eventually my attitude towards them snaps and I get complaints that “I’ve changed” or I “suddenly don’t like them.” Well, to put it simply: I got tired of dealing with their bullshit.

When a person always assumes the bad in either the people around them or situations they find themselves in, it is almost guaranteed to end badly like that person is assuming. It’s called a self-fulfilling prophecy. You assume someone thinks a certain way or that someone did something for certain reasons so you react as if they did, thus causing that person to then do what you think they originally did. Yes, I know, slowly wrap your brain around that one…i’ll wait.

In my experience though, the majority of those assumptions are horribly wrong. It’s simply that persons own insecurities coming to life in their fantasy land where everyone hates them and talks shit about them. In the end, that person looks like a ranting, whiny, drama-obsessed individual (yes I see the irony of my use of the word “ranting” har har.)

So my advice to this person who is no longer in my life (by their own assumption and choice): Learn to look and understand both sides to a story, and don’t just assume you know what is meant by other people’s actions and words. Yet if you insist on this unhealthy attitude then please refer back to the title of this post…

Now back to my regular life of positive and healthy attitudes.

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Pull the arrow without holding back…It’ll pierce your heart!


Hello lovelies,

You may have noticed a little bit of a cutback in my frequency of posts. It’s for a multitude of reasons but probably the biggest is that i’m trying to find a niche that I fit into. Any suggestions would be awesomely helpful! I know that I LOVE doing Home and Garden posts because I feel like I could have been an interior decorator if I had gone a different path in life. I could spend HOURS in the container store or even hobby lobby with all its little home decor items. Today’s post is one that I picture at some little hut home out in the desert, a private oasis that a weary traveler would happen across and BOOM! Bohemian rugs hanging from the walls, some special bath herbs, and a lounger. All that’s missing is a hooka!

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