Disney Princess Moonie


Hello lovelies!

Today I bring you a cute outfit I put together from several different events. I love this outfit so much that i’ve been wearing it for several days to the point that my daughter has told me I stink XD As you all know I love anything asian influenced so this kimono top from Petite Mort (new store for me!) is perfect! It pairs well with the shorts from dami found at Shiny Shabby that just opened. Fair warning about dami, if you are a thicker girl they won’t fit unless you slim down. At my current size my leg still stuck out in places unfortunately.

I was inspired for this decor set by the futon set from Kalopsia. It’s a twist on the normal couch/beds that we see a lot in that you can switch from being a bed to a couch! It’s great for teens / girly kids! I also discovered that i’m apparently a disney princess because not only does my dad call me Mulan but LOOK AT ALL THESE CUTE ANIMALS! Malo and Dalf-Deer fed my inner disney princess for this blog!

Check out the rest of the credits below!



SKIN: L’Etre Skin Shop – Sarah Skin [Pearl Tone] @ Tres Chic

FRECKLES: DeeTaleZ “Freckles” for CATWA head

BROWS: DeeTaleZ “Brows” for CATWA head

EYES: [Buzzeri] Zodiac Eyes – Siren @ N21

HAIR: [Atomic] Hair // Chilly @ N21

TOP: Petite Mort– Red kimono jacket @ Tres Chic

BOTTOM: dami,belt high weist shorts @ Shiny Shabby

SHOES: fri.day – Sarah.Janes (Tiffany) + Socks @ Shiny Shabby

NECKLACE: ieQED branch.set. @ Shiny Shabby

FLOWER: *LODE* Accessory – Blossoms [single peony] @ Shiny Shabby

@Tres Chic
{Petite Maison} Lalique: Teal door grouping

Kalopsia – Effie’s Futon | Photos Light | Rug

@Lost & Found
+Half-Deer+ Quiet Deer Fawn | Sleeping Deer Fawn
Kalopsia – Beatrix Bird Houses
unkindness – Gypsy Blue Set w/ Quilt Set

@Shiny Shabby
[MALO] Big Rabbit Stand | Belly | Anniversary Gift Candy Jars


The most peaceful moment of my life, and I was riding a jet ski!


Hello lovelies,

Today I bring you a summer themed blog post. All of these items brought to mind the time in my life when I was still living with my parents and they just so happened to have a 30 foot boat and a jet ski. Needless to say, I spent A LOT of time at the lake. I don’t know if any of you have ever been to a lake, or even the ocean, but if you have…you  may have had this experience i’m about to describe to you. It was one of the most juxtaposed experiences of my life and i’ll tell you why below.

This lake my parents kept their toys at was not a large lake. It barely let their big 30 footer do much touring of the waters. It would take less than 15 mins to get from one end to the other if going at mid-speed (20-30 mph). It doesn’t get super crowded except on holiday weekends when everybody decides they want to be a boater and the closet fisherman dust off their rods and have a go. It was the perfect size for the jet ski though. I would very often take it out on my own and go full throttle chasing waves and boats or finding a secluded area and taking a dip.

Now about this peaceful moment I mentioned earlier…contrary to what you probably are thinking, it was NOT when I was taking a dip in a secluded lagoon. Instead it was mid evening, around the time the sky turns that pretty purple, pink, orange color as the sun sets, and I was coasting my jet ski along at a breezing 40 mph. I remember it clearly, it was one of those moments that your mind goes into high gear and every minuscule detail is set in long-term memory. I remember the cool breeze with a touch of water spray, the tightness of my life jacket, and the brilliantly colorful sky. I remembering just looking up at it, taking a deep breathe of the admittedly not so sweet lake smell, and feeling a sense of peace descending on me. The world around me sped past, waves crashed into me, and it was getting a little difficult to see…but I was arguably the happiest i’ve ever felt.

Now what does that have to do with this blog post? Well…if I could experience that every single day of my life I would have to live on a beach and this cozy setting is exactly how I would set it up.

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In with the old…out with the new…


Hello lovelies,

Today I bring you a cute outfit that has my inner girly girl going all goo-goo over. This adorable summer dress by Zenith is perfect for the hot Texas weather we are starting to get! YUCK! And it’s only the beginning! I decided to pair it with some rustic furniture because I can see myself wearing this, walking out on a trail in the middle of the woods and to come across an old abandoned building with some weather worn furniture in it. Throw in some oil candles for light, a comfy chair, and something to wash my face in and i’m home! Reminds me of camping but without the big trailers a lot of people use nowadays. Have you ever just wanted to go out, lay down in the grass, and absorb the world around you? Have any of you ever felt that utter moment of perfect peace? I get it at least once a year, and i’m usually outside either on or near a large body of water. I must have been a fish in another life. Anyway, check out the credits below!

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Catch me if you can…don’t stop…go past the limit…


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Hello lovelies!

Today I spent most of the day doing a Twilight marathon. Don’t hate LOL It’s been YEARS and I find that my inner girl still goes all goo-goo for the epic love story that it is. Even though so MUCH of it is totally ridiculous LOL Anyway, after I finished the 3rd movie I took a break to do this post and WOW there have been sooo many great new releases! Check em out below 😀

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