Disney Princess Moonie


Hello lovelies!

Today I bring you a cute outfit I put together from several different events. I love this outfit so much that i’ve been wearing it for several days to the point that my daughter has told me I stink XD As you all know I love anything asian influenced so this kimono top from Petite Mort (new store for me!) is perfect! It pairs well with the shorts from dami found at Shiny Shabby that just opened. Fair warning about dami, if you are a thicker girl they won’t fit unless you slim down. At my current size my leg still stuck out in places unfortunately.

I was inspired for this decor set by the futon set from Kalopsia. It’s a twist on the normal couch/beds that we see a lot in that you can switch from being a bed to a couch! It’s great for teens / girly kids! I also discovered that i’m apparently a disney princess because not only does my dad call me Mulan but LOOK AT ALL THESE CUTE ANIMALS! Malo and Dalf-Deer fed my inner disney princess for this blog!

Check out the rest of the credits below!



SKIN: L’Etre Skin Shop – Sarah Skin [Pearl Tone] @ Tres Chic

FRECKLES: DeeTaleZ “Freckles” for CATWA head

BROWS: DeeTaleZ “Brows” for CATWA head

EYES: [Buzzeri] Zodiac Eyes – Siren @ N21

HAIR: [Atomic] Hair // Chilly @ N21

TOP: Petite Mort– Red kimono jacket @ Tres Chic

BOTTOM: dami,belt high weist shorts @ Shiny Shabby

SHOES: fri.day – Sarah.Janes (Tiffany) + Socks @ Shiny Shabby

NECKLACE: ieQED branch.set. @ Shiny Shabby

FLOWER: *LODE* Accessory – Blossoms [single peony] @ Shiny Shabby

@Tres Chic
{Petite Maison} Lalique: Teal door grouping

Kalopsia – Effie’s Futon | Photos Light | Rug

@Lost & Found
+Half-Deer+ Quiet Deer Fawn | Sleeping Deer Fawn
Kalopsia – Beatrix Bird Houses
unkindness – Gypsy Blue Set w/ Quilt Set

@Shiny Shabby
[MALO] Big Rabbit Stand | Belly | Anniversary Gift Candy Jars


An epic weekend full of love that will stay with me forever…



Hello lovelies!

Fair warning this will just be me blabbing about Asian things that I love hehe so if that’s not your jam then hit the link for the posts info!

Have you ever had a weekend that just goes way beyond any expectations you have? That was my past weekend. I spent one night on the heated floor with only a blanket and block pillow surrounded by a few friends and lots of strangers. It was also one of the funnest nights i’ve had in my life. I went into my very first (of many that day!) sauna and got super sweaty! Yum!

I also explored different foods as not only did I have my very first Korean meal (bulgolgi meat is jjang!) but I also had a super delicious Mongolian hot pot that I shared with 3 other friends! If none of you have ever tried either of these, find your local Asian market and find restaurants like these!

Saturday night was probably the best for 7 great reasons: Rap Monster, Suga, Jin, Jimin, J-Hope, V, and Jungkook. Who are they? An amazing kpop band that is super hip-hop style and they came to my city! It’s so surreal to see someone that you have only seen on your computer via youtube suddenly onstage before you gyrating their hips and rapping out swag. It was one of the best concerts i’ve been to!

Despite my post-concert depression setting in I have put together this lil post for you. My more loyal followers may notice that my frequency of posting has gone way down but I hope you understand that RL comes first for me always. I’m sure there will come a time when I get post crazy again ❤

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Tell me when you feel the most fulfilled…It might look something like this!


Hello lovelies,

So recently i’ve been working out at least 5 days a week and I have to come to realize how AMAZING it feels and how fulfilling it feels after a workout. I have been feeling like I am battling a minor episode of depression so I decided to step it up and get myself back in order. Eating healthier, working out, and just trying to get a better outlook on life.

Instead of rain clouds and dusky days I try to think in terms of sunshine and beach-y waves. Instead of lounging on my butt in the corner I am standing tall, proud, and pretty darn cute in the center with my kitty bag in hand ready to greet the day. The best way to top it off for me? An epic shopping spree at 2 of my favorite events: Kawaii Project and Kustom9! Check em out under the cut 😀

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Why do I keep coming back? I’m just a fool in love…


Mood: Happy and Frustrated

Hello lovelies!

Today I’m bringing you a super cute home set-up that reminds me of a little wood cottage witches home. She’s got the flowers, fairy signs, oldies radio, etc. I really enjoy this style of interior as I feel like it makes a home more comfy and seems to connect the indoors with the outdoors. I’ve never been a person for the sleek and modern type of home where you don’t see a speck of dust. I want the home to feel LIVED IN! The outfit I will admit doesn’t necessarily match the setting but its cute, colorful, and a little hipster so deal with it 😛

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Hello stranger…Times are crazy…


Kustom9 + IDK

Hello lovelies,

It has been WAY too long since my last post. Things in rl were absolutely crazy as my husband and I moved to a new place! But everything is UP and running so I am back! Check out the items in the post from the two events listed above. Both are full of great mesh clothing items and accessories! LOVE these SUNGLASSES! So cute! Plus a few extra items from the recent Collabor88! I hope you like it!

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